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About Vastu Surya

Professional Vastu Consultant Acharya Oum Prakash Sharma is one of the most trusted Vastu Expert. Acharya Ji has over 25 years of experience and is an expert in Vastu Shastra, Astrology and Numerology. He provides Vastu Visits and consultations for home and business all around Australia. He is an expert in making a Vastu friendly environment without any demolition through the knowledge of Vastu Shastra and Astrology. When Vastu and Astrology are combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu which helps one succeed in every aspect of their life such as wealth, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony, children’s education etc.

Acharya Ji helps you pinpoint solutions to specific issues, whether they are related to career, finance, business, new home, relationships, child birth, PR/VISA, legal matters, kids or your overall well-being. It is a purer, simpler yet more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. It ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and Success in life while maintaining modern life style and contemporary architecture. Easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your building Vastu perfect. Vastu defects can be easily fixed with the use of colour and metal strips, coloured light bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones etc. Acharya Ji suggests these solutions after an accurate Vastu Analysis.

Effect of 32 Vastu Entrances

VastuSurya suggests 32 Entrance Locations possible in a house. Each of these Entrance Locations has an independent effect on the lives of the residents, some of these act favourably while others do not.

Power of 16 Vastu Zones

VastuSurya divides your Space (home, office or factory) in 16 parts termed as 16 Vastu Zones, each of which governs certain aspects of your life, e.g., North Zone governs Career, Opportunities and Money.

Influence of Five Elements

The entire Universe, whether it is stars, planets, moons, or any form of life, is made up of these five elements. Even the buildings are a manifestation of these five elements only.

Vastu Space Programming

The placing of objects such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, household objects, is minutely observed by VastuSurya to program/de-program/re-program your Space to generate a particular effect.

Vastu Services in Australia

Vastu For Homes

Make Your Home Vastu perfect to live with peace and prosperity. We provide powerful Vastu techniques to attract and manifest your desires and goals.

Vastu For Business

Vastu friendly office renders everything in a positive way keeping the flow of wealth in good position and help making the business successful.

Vastu For Career

Vastu is a science of direction which not only renders bright future by making your house and environment completely positive but helps in making bright career as well.

Vastu Floor Plans

Tailor made floor plans for a Vastu perfect home and business. Designed and planned by our Vastu Expert which ensures Money, Gains, Happiness and Success in life.

Vastu For Hotels

Vastu plays a significant role in inviting visitors and accumulating wealth as the placement of the hotel and directions of specific rooms are directly linked to the guest's arrival.

Vastu For Shops

Today more and more number of people are running after Vastu guidance to make their shop according to Vastu rules which is believed to bring success and overall peace and economic growth.

Vastu For Factories

Vastu friendly factory ensures the successful running of business leading to larger production and better monetary profits and it also attracts large orders, security and strengthens the business.

Energy Scanning

Special tools are used to trace out various positive & negative vibrations which allow us to perceive the scanning of geopathic stress and energy that influences the building.

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What Acharya Ji's clients say

“Best vastu ever detailed prediction and 100% accurate. Acharya ji help me grow faster and also guides me towards a healthy and happy life. Highly recommended because pandit ji is the nicest person i have ever met personally and professionally both. Keep up the good work and give us your blessings. thank you" - Kumars Restaurants


“I consulted Acharya oum to do a vastu analysis for my home and business and just by looking at our floor plan he showed me the defective directions in our house. After applying the remedies suggested by acharya oum my problems were solved and we got results in less than a week." - Zachary Wilson


“Got my permanent residency by using vastu techniques which i was given by the acharya oum, it definitely works and is very effective." - Ritesh Sharma


“Booked an astrology consultation. pandit ji answered all my questions in great detail and the things that they predicted really happened in the past. Gave me valuable information which i didn't know about my life." - Ronald Miller


“My numerology consultation was worth the money, he told me my name was not compatible with my life path and suggested me a suitable name, after changing my name i'm feeling more energetic and successful than ever and have reached my full potential." - Raahul Kalra


“Highly recommend their services, very in-depth information astrology information and helped me win a court case by using simple remedies in my house. “ - Chand Prasad